Promoting health, healing, well-being and empowerment through the wisdom and practice of Traditional East Asian Medicine, Five Element Therapy and Kripalu Yoga.

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Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

At Denver Acupuncture & Yoga, we recognize that the moment you feel heard is the moment your healing begins. Along with an extensive intake, we use tools from a variety of ancient medical tool boxes to tailor a treatment plan to you and your specific needs.

We look at the body as a garden, rather than a machine, and understand that sometimes the issue isn’t a singular broken part that needs to be fixed, excised or replaced. Rather, an issue may be an imbalance between several aspects run amok.

Just like your garden needs tending, so does your body. Sometimes you need nutrients AND weeding AND sunlight AND water… in just the right amounts! We’re here to help you find that balance and empower you to take control of your health on any level needed.

5 Element Approach:

We come into balance when the physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual are in alignment.
It’s never “just in your head!”

Our Services


“Kasia is detail oriented, explains thoroughly and takes you on a journey of self improvement, motivation and reflection. My experience was eye opening and up-lifting. I am a believer of reprogramming your body and mindset as we all have the capability as designed to do…Kasia is warm and inviting and I would recommend all Denver Acupuncture and Yoga to anyone. Thank you for this experience and more to come!!!”

F.C. Denver, CO

“I appreciate deeply that Kasia is more than capable of working with diverse communities… She is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, Kasia believes in me. That extra push is what I need to maintain my health, but also be brave enough to try new things.”

T.M., Northern Colorado

“Kasia is an attentive, careful, and thoughtful care provider who will meet you where you are. Before going to Kasia I had not enjoyed acupuncture and I had found its effectiveness limited. I now live in another state, but while I lived in Denver, Kasia’s care got me through an extremely challenging stretch of health issues, providing immense physical relief and hard-to-find mental relaxation.”

M.J., now in Minneapolis

“You can’t always know the work you need to do, but if you take the first steps Kasia will help you along the way. I have been seeing Kasia for about 3 years now and my world has opened up. As an acupuncturist, she finds and knows where you need help and the relief is fantastic! I love talking to her about my life and her help guiding me is invaluable. I highly recommend Kasia.”

Y.D. Denver, CO

“I can’t remember how I ever managed before I had Kasia’s needles and yoga coaching! In 7 years with her, my ulcer has been tamed (completely prescription-free now!), I’m breathing easier, and I am living well with a yoga routine that helps me manage my sciatica and piriformis challenges. Kasia is an indispensable component in my self care and I am eternally grateful for her talent, gentleness, compassion, and care.”

H.R. Berthoud, CO

“Kasia spends an extraordinary amount of time to get to know you, your life circumstances, diet, movement, menses (for women), and what symptoms are currently being expressed in your body. Her treatments are therefore tailored to what you need at that moment — not what may have worked last month or last year. She is a talented therapist in multiple modalities and a trusted coach to help you feel your best self.”

M.G. Denver, CO

“I have an irregular heartbeat (had surgery) and I am on meds for it. I was having issues sleeping and low energy. After a few sessions with Kasia I noticed I slept better and had increased energy. She set me up with some herbal supplements and reoccurring acupuncture appointments. Since then I have noticed a massive turn around in not my only physical symptoms but my mental and emotional as well.”

M.K. Denver, CO

“I have been going to Kasia for acupuncture and cupping for years now. She has helped me with extreme mood swings, pain management of my lower back, grief, and minor cold symptoms. Not only has she given me advice on ways I can improve my body, but she has listened to my emotional needs and led me to some very solid resources and specialists.”

J.T. Thornton, CO